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Soloform by Ischebeck Can

Ischebeck Can now has a panelized Soloform System available for you to use. As with all Ischebeck products, it is flexible in its application. Use it for column, wall, and core construction.

Lightweight, modular and strong

Lightweight, modular and strong

The Soloform system - rated at 1500 psf (71,820 Pascal) - is very light, with the handset panels weighing a mere 6.75 pounds per square foot. Plus, our crane set Super Soloform panels weighs just 8.75 pounds per square foot. The 8' x 8' Super Soloform panel requires only four ties and is rated at 1500 psf.

Soloform is one lightweight system with complete modular versatility and superior strength.

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